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    DEFEATED: Sinners & Saints Vs. Archon Gaming

    Sinners & Saints Vs. Archon Gaming

    8 - 13

    The score doesn't really accurately show what happened in this game. At the start we were completely overwhelmed by how random the SnS team was. They had no structure, and it was generally feeling like a pub match. Having players not playing for ages, ping issues and the complete lack of structure by the opposition, we were left behind going 7-1 into the second round of defense.

    We ended up making a brief comeback bringing it back to 11-8, with some strategical changes. They ended up closing out the game 13-8.

    sns vs legion.jpg

    Things to take out of the game:
    Practice is needed individually and as a team.
    Use regular guns.
    Get stable internet ;)

    Good game fellas. I'm expecting a challenge to come out of this so be prepared to put your boots on.

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    Well done boys

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    My internet was stable. It just happened to be stable at about 250 - 300 ping
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    Unlucky fellas

    I reckon you'd be the better team on any other given day though, time to get back into the swing of things!

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